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Research Interests 

Agent Based Models, Emulation of High-Dimensional Computer Output, Causal Inference, Risk Analysis, Network Modeling, Decision Theory


Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Ph. D, Statistical Science, May 2014
  • Advisor: David Banks
  • Research Area: Statistical inference using Agent Based Models
M.S., Statistical Science,  May 2013
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
M.A., Mathematics, May 2010
  • Specialization: Ring Theory
  • Advisor: Ashish K. Srivastava
  • Completed with distinction
  • Earned Certificate in University Teaching Skills
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
B.S., Mathematics, May 2008   

  • Cum Laude
  • National Merit Scholar
  • National Achievement Scholar   
EmploymentUSAA, San Antonio, TX
Quantitative Risk Analyst,  May 2014-Present
Research Experience
RTI International, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Visiting Scientist with Dr. Georgiy Bobashev,  January 2013-Present
  • Assisted in development of agent-based models for simulation of illicit drug markets. Developed procedure for model simplification.

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Research Assistant under Dr. David Banks,  August 2012-December 2012

  • Analyzed social network for a high-risk community in India. Developed approaches for identification of attributes of network members and determine latent structure.


Durham Technical Community College, Durham, North Carolina
August 2010-Present
  • Instructor - MAT 070: Introductory Algebra, Spring 2013
  • Instructor - MAT 050: Basic Mathematics, Summer 2012
  • Instructor - MAT 060: Essential Mathematics, Spring 2012, Fall 2012
  • Co-Instructor - Math Emporium: Gateway to College, Spring 2012
Duke UniversityDurham, North Carolina    
August 2010-Present

  • Assistant - STA 213: Statistical Methods, Fall 2011
  • Assistant - STA 10: Basic Statistics and Qualitative Literacy, Fall 2011
  • Instructor - STA 10: Basic Statistics and Qualitative Literacy, Summer 2011
  • Assistant - STA 103: Statistical Inference, Fall 2010
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
January 2009-May 2010
  • Instructor - MAT 120: College Algebra, Spring 2010
  • Instructor - MAT 122: Finite Mathematics, Fall 2009
  • Heard, D, Bobashev, GV and Morris, RJ. (2014), 'Reducing the Complexity of an Agent-Based Local Heroin Market Model,' PLoS ONE, 9(7):  e102263.
  • Kapur, A, Schneider, JA,Heard, D, Mukherjee, S, Schumm, P, Oruganti, G and Laumann, EO. (2014), 'A digital network approach to infer behavior in emerging HIV epidemics,' PLoS ONE, 9(7):  e101416.
  • Heard, D, Dent, G, Schifeling, T and Banks, D. 'Agent-Based Models and Microsimulation,' Annual Review of Statistics and Its Applications, to appear.
  • "Network Analysis Techniques for a Hard-to-reach Population"
    • Duke Network Analysis Center
    • November 2013, Durham, North Carolina
  • "Bayesian Network Analysis: HIV Risk in Southern Indian Community"
    • 10th International Conference on Health Policy Statistics
    • October 2013, Chicago, Illinois
  • "Predicting Heisman Trophy Voting: A Bayesian Analysis"
    • 2013 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports
    • September 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • "Bayesian Network Analysis: HIV Spread in Indian Community"
    • 2013 Joint Statistics Meetings
    • August 2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Consulting Experience Datu Research, Durham, North Carolina
Statistical Consultant,  Fall 2013
  • Performed statistical analysis on data related to international financial establishments.

Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins, L.L.P., Durham, North Carolina
Statistical Consultant,  Spring 2012

  • Performed statistical analysis to assess bias in corporate programs.

Awards and Honors

Student Travel Award for International Conference of Health Policy Statistics
American Statistical Association, October 2013

Student Travel Award
Duke University Graduate School, August 2013

Dean's Graduate Fellowship
Duke University Graduate School, August 2010

James P. Brawley Scholarship
Boulé Foundation, August 2004


Programming: MATLAB, C++, Java, R

Statistical Software: MATLAB, R, SPlus

Applications: LaTeX , Microsoft Office Suite


American Statistical Association
International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society
American Mathematical Association
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated
Order of Omega Greek Honor Society